Born out of a need for more comfortable, high-quality, stylish women's golf apparel, SHE CAN GOLF is bringing fashion from the runways to the fairways. We're here to elevate the game of ladies golf by providing premium, luxury women's golf apparel, and accessories.

We are not only Women-Led but we are also Women-Driven. We all know that looking good makes you feel good, and feeling good makes you play well. We understand that the round does not always end when you leave the course, which is why our golf boutique offers fashion-forward women's golf apparel to complement the sport and your lifestyle. Throw on a jacket over your gear and you're ready for lunch, dinner, or an evening hanging out with the girls (That's Women-Inspired)!

It's time to disrupt the "gentleman's game" and empower women of all ages, sizes, and athletic skill to put their best (dressed) foot forward on the course.

Let us help you bring fashion to your fairway.

Meet our CEO & Founder

Jeanette Cabrera is the driving force behind SHE CAN GOLF.  And for her, golf was more than love at first swing - it was her saving grace.

Jeanette was a Type 1 Juvenile Diabetic. Her active lifestyle and early career in dance helped keep her disease under control for the majority of her life. Managing diabetes was challenging while raising her three children, but she knew that diabetes couldn’t take a back seat just because she was mother, it was a priority because of it. She knew how dangerous her chronic illness was, and did her best to balance her career and her parental responsibilities along with her health and well-being.

Unfortunately, Jeanette's brittle diabetes eventually led to her being diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure, which was accompanied by several other complications. The prognosis was that she would require a double organ transplant, and would need a donor who could provide her with a kidney and a pancreas.

Thankfully, the Miami Transplant Institute at Jackson Memorial Hospital, in collaboration with UHealth (University of Miami Health Systems), performed a life-saving miracle on Jeanette - a successful dual organ transplant. She's healthier than ever before thanks to her new lease on life. And the gleaming silver lining? She no longer has diabetes!
But Jeanette’s a fighter, and her story did not end there. She wanted a way to commemorate the gift of life she had received from her generous donor.

She knew she needed to do something that would help her stay active after her surgery, and something that would satisfy her competitive nature.

She found golf.

Golf provided a healthy distraction from the world's uncertainty, allowing her to focus her energy on healing. It gave her a renewed confidence in herself that she could overcome any challenge she faced - confidence she felt in her mind, body, and spirit.

SHE CAN GOLF arose out of that confidence. To Jeanette, SHE CAN GOLF means SHE CAN ANYTHING.

Jeanette wants every woman who shops at SHE CAN GOLF to have the same confidence she does when she gets dressed to hit the course. She brings her keen sense of style to the sport of ladies' golf after years of rocking modern, fashion-forward 'fits in the business world and her social life. The mission of SHE CAN GOLF is to curate a collection of golf fashion brands that are bold, modern, edgy, and super stylish. We showcase apparel and accessories that are flattering and fun to wear, and as suitable for everyday use as they are for a round of golf.

SHE CAN GOLF is a company created with badass women in mind. We recognize that golf is a way of life and we want you to feel confident and fashionable as you enjoy it.

Are you ready to turn some heads with your Fashion on the Fairway?